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This page is based an archived copy of Jürgen Haible's former homepage. It is provided for educational purposes, may be outdated and/or contain errors and will most likely not get updated.

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Jürgen Haible

Welcome to my homepage about electronic musical instruments.

Farfisa VIP 500 Modifications

JH PolyKorg Clone
(inspired by Korg PS-3200)
For sale - contact me if interested
JH Matrix FX Synthesizer

JH-5 MOTM / Moog style synthesizer


Projects with PCBs:

More Projects I've built on Veroboard
Transient Gate

LA2A-Style Optoelectronic Compressor

The old Scanner Vibrato


Yamaha CS-50 / CS-60 / CS-80 synthesizers

Quantec QRS Raumsimulator


Studio Photos

Modular Synthesizers 
JH-1 /-2 /-3

Polyphonic Synthesizer 

Wasp Filter Clone Neptune Phaser Frequency Shifter

some pictures

 my home-built modulars

my Four-Voice project

wasp filter neptune phaser old frequency shifter 
NEW frequency shifter FS-1A



JH-720 Solo Synthesizer

Storm Tide Flanger

Wave Shapers

Interface for Quantec QRS UREI  1176 stereo clone (Extended) EMS VCS3 clone clone


jh. storm tide flanger


jh. qrs interface jh_compressor synthi_clone


Modifications for commercial products

Might work on many other devices, too. All you need is a LED that flashes with the beat ...

Private stuff:[removed]

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