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Yamaha CS-50 / CS-60 / CS-80

My CS-60 (Photo: Birgit Haible)
ptk's extensive CS-synthesizers site (includes most of the CS-80 service manual)
The Old Crow's repair tips for CS-Synthesizers
Technical Details
from Yamaha's CS-Series Synthesizer Servicing Guide. 
Thanks to Peter Forrest for providing this rare information. Thanks to Scott Rider for providing the extra web space.
VCO vco
VCF vcf
VCA p40 / p41
KAS p11 / p12 / p13 / p14 / p15 / p16 / p17 / p18 / p19 / p20 / p21 / p22 / p23 / p24 / p25 / p26
What's going on in the Filter ?
new: Analyzing the CS-80 VCF
  Vibrato Implementation?
new: Just a guess about the vibrato

CS-60 and CS-50 side by side