I've built a Clone of the EMS Synthi A.

Well, at least something similar.
The VCS3 / Synthi A is a true phenomenon. You can still buy new ones from the factory, used ones are highly sought after, people usually complain about high prices on the used market - and building one yourself will not save you any money. This last one was surprising, but it also was clear to me after a bit of research for the necessary components. Patch matrix, large front panel, vernier dials, joystick, reverb tank ... It was clear from the start: if I wanted to save money by building it myself, I'd better forget it!
So the main reason for building a clone was that I could make additions / modifications right from the start and build an instrument that is specially tailored to my needs. I didn't want to change too much, though, in order not to loose the character of the original instrument.

I've made the following changes:

Thanks for all the input from Synthi users who gave recommendations how to make best use of the larger matrix. The final result is shown in the picture below. Special thanks to Graham Hinton for his collection of modifications for original Synthi's. Especially the unique Sync function is very nice !



Schematics and Circuit Descriptions

Due to respect of EMS, who still are in business and build Synthi A's, I will not include original or redranwn EMS schematics here.
What you will find are my own additions and modifications.


For more information, please contact
Juergen Haible
All drawings copyright J. Haible (C)1998