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   JH.    "Son of Storm Tide"   Flanger

Some years ago, I've built the "Storm Tide Flanger", which was much inspired by a certain vintage Flanger, as a one-off box for myself.
Here is a PCB project for a Flanger that uses different BBD chips, isn't that close to the vintage original circuit-wise, and has a number of features that I have developed myself, or which have their origin in other vintage FX devices.

Here's a picture how a front panel for the new Flanger could look like (This is behind which I'll build my own prototype):

And here's a glimpse of the PCB layout:

Inside The Prototype
(A lot of wires - but you decide which features you want to implement, and wht potentiometers and switches to omit! I can imagine this would make a nice stomp box with just a pedal for the "Manual" pot, plus the "Bounce" function, alone ...)

Audio Demos

1st Audio Demo (first few seconds dry, then Flanger) - CS50 -> Flanger -> some Echo and Reverb
SOST Flanger on Drums - Korg Electribe S -> SOST -> tiny bit of Reverb
Karplus-Strong Experiment 1 (first dry, then with Flanger)
Karplus-Strong Experiment 2 (first dry, then with Flanger)
Experiment with Wavefolder and Flanger: Self-Oscillations of all kind

Schematics (updated 11.08.2010)
Page 1: Clock Generator
Page 2: LFO, SampleHold and Envelope Follower
Page 3: Compander
Page 4: Delay
Page 5: All Pass Filters and PSU
Page 6: Audio Connections (correction: Resonance on/off is drawn wrong: switching to GND is the OFF position, of course!)
Page 7: CV Connections

Component Overlay
Component Values
Reference Designators

Bill of Materials (on-board components only)

Calibration Notes (I'm aware this is no step-by-step calibration procedure, just a few hints how to do it - you will do the fine tuning by ear.)

Short Resonance
Long Resonance

Set it for just getting self oscillation, or just barely getting self oscillation, according to your taste.

BBD Bias

Set for symmetrical clipping in the BBD stage, if there is any clipping at all

Max Clock

Set as high as possible, without the signal getting weak.

Clock Low

Something around 30kHz.

Clock Tune

Start with mid position and adjust to taste.


Mid position will do. that trimmer slightly alters the step response of the filter, but won't do much on the sound.