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some photos ...
(click on the small images to see details)
Yamaha CS-50 
Korg CX-3 Organ 
JH-4 Polysynth 
FX and Expander Racks 
Oberheim OB-8 
JH-3 Modular 
JH Synthi Clone 
Kenton Pro-2
Crumar Performer 
Yamaha VL7 
Korg ES-50 Lambda 
Kawai CA600 Piano 
JH Wasp Filter Clone 
Dr. Böhm Phasing Rotor 78 
Roland D-550 
Wurlitzer EP-200 
JH Synthi Clone 
Oberheim OB-8
Dynacord DRS-78 Digital Reverb 
JH MidiMini
JH HiFli (EMS clone)
FX board of a dead Korg Polysix
JH-3100 Resonator (similar to Resonator section of Korg PS-3100; first prototype for MAM RS3) 
ARP Quadra Phaser (clone)
JH WF-1 (Filter from EDP Wasp)
JH-720 Synthesizer under construction
another picture from my workbench
Evans Digital Delay 
JH FS-1 Frequency Shifter
Looking inside the Synthi Clone
I admit: I like the mechanical construction of the original EMS Synthi better (;->) 
The reason why I built it that way: I could test and play each module long before the whole thing was finished ...